Medicinal properties :
Medicinal properties of RAMSONS ( Allium ursinum ) Common names:
        Wild Garlic, Broad-leaved Garlic, Wood-Garlic, Bear's Garlic :

Powerful medicinal properties are claimed to lie within Ramsons and it is related, that bears, after hibernation, seek it out to cleanse their system. Monastery kitchens valued Ramsons for its culinary properties as well as a health promoting miracle herb. Today, all herbalists acknowledge the fact, that Ramsons has similar, but even greater medicinal properties than Garlic. Therefore Ramsons is especially valuable in the springtime when it is important to clean out ones internal body system.

Maria Treben, the Austrian world renowned author and herbalist, credits Allium ursinum to be helpful in attaining an excellent memory, preventing arteriosclerosis and dispelling stomach and intestinal complaints. She finds this miracle plant most suitable for the treatment of acute and chronic diarrhoea, even when this condition is associated with flatulence and colic; as well as for constipation caused by inactivity or sluggishness of the intestines. Eating Allium ursinum is known to even expel worms while improving intestinal activity. Such improvement is especially beneficial for elderly or over- indulgent people who suffer from sluggish or over- filled intestines. Heart complaints and sleeplessness arising from stomach trouble, complaints coused by arteriosclerosis or high blood pressure, dizziness,  pressure in the head and even anxiety diminish.
Maria Treben discovered, that the ingestion of fresh leaves cleans kidneys and bladder and increases the flow of urine. Badly healing wounds, brushed with the fresh juice, heal quickly. Even the disorder of coronary blood vessels can be relieved and Ramsons has been used by her as a blood cleanser gor skin disorders.

Abbe Kuezle, another famous Swiss herbalist, praises the plant: "It cleanses the whole body, rids it of stubborn waste matters, produces healthy blood and destroys and removes poisonous substances. No herb on this earth is as effective for cleansing the stomach, intestines and blood." (End of quote)
Dit you know that you can benefit from Ramsons medicinal properties at home throughout the whole year by the following uses ?

Seasoning : Fresh leaves, finely chopped like chives or parsley, can be sprinkled on soups, sauces, salads, meat dishes or even just on a slice of buttered bread.

Ramsons Vinegar : Deposit one handful chopped Ramsons leaves into 1 litre of organic Apple vinegar and let stand for at least 3 weeks. Strain the resulting liquid and fill into a clean bottle. To aid your body's metabolism drink 1/2 cup of lukewarm
water mixed with 1 table spoon of Ramsons Vinegar on empty stomach in the morning for 6 weeks.

Maria Treben's Ramsons Spirits : A bottle is loosely filled to the neck with finely chopped leaves or bulbs, which are then coverred with 38-40% Whisky, Vodka or pure grain alcohol and placed in the sun or near the stove for 14 days. 10 - 15 drops are taken in wather 4 times daily.

Ramsons wine : A handful of finely chopped leaves are boiled for a short time in approximately 250 ml of white wine, sweetened to taste with honey or syrup and sipped slowly.

Ramsons, growing also in the wild, could be contaminated by animal urine or feces and illnesses such Rabies or Tapeworm.  It is therefore highly advisable to wash all harvested leaves thoroughly before ingesting.
You are now on the safe side, wild garlic to a growing country....