Because touching Wild Garlic plants causes a strong garlic odour, the post office forces us to seal the ordered bulbs into upholstered DIN A4 plastic bags. As a rule it can safely be said, that 50 bulbs will fill one bag ( our standard European shipment ). Therefore, 100 bulbs require 2 bags equalling 2 shipments. In order to save our customers unnecessary expenses on larger orders I would like to suggest parcel post as the most economical way.

Filling orders from abroad is a bit more complicated. Please, get in touch with me with a request for postage and customs information. Please do not forget to include in your message :

a.) Amount of ordered bulbs
b.) Your mailing address
c.) Your e-mail address
d.) Payment information

We will definitely advise you shortly before mailing your package. This way you can expect the shipment and prevent unnecessary storage time at the receiving post office.
Shipping Information :
English translation by " Nature boy Peter Dumlich Canada "  (C) 2011
We start shipping the Wild Garlic after the Easter holidays.
At this point in time the plants are still blooming and all the strength is still in the leafs.
Let stand the Garlic