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Ordering Garlic bulbs :
Ordering bulbs :

As we are not always home we recommend to place the order by e-mail. Here are the two addresses our customers may use :


Please, do not forget to include your shipping and a-mail address.  In order to send our customers the freshest product possible, we try to prevent unnecessary shipping time caused by statuary holidays. Therefore we may have to inform you of a possible later shipping day. Normal shipping time ( within Germany ) is 2 days. We can only fit 50 - 60 bulbs into one sealed plastic package ; larger orders will be shipped out in several sealed packages. As long as the snow is on the ground we do not dig Baerlauch bulbs. But, as the best bulb planting time is in late summer, there is no hurry. Our customers, however, can order Baerlauch bulbs from us throughout the year. We acknowledge and file the order, and , when the prime bulb harvest time arrives, we dig out the plant and advise our customers of the shipping date.
how many bulbs should one order ?
Because one requires the leafs of about 100 plants to prepare
just one standard marmalade jar of Pesto ( see : Recipes )
we recommend ordering at least 50 - 70 bulbs.
50 - 70 healthy, strong plants provide enough leafs to fill a couple of smaller Pesto glasses.

Export orders :

When receiving an order destined for a foreign country we will inform our customer about the amount of applicable postage.  Airmail rates apply for shipments outside of Europe.
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