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The harvesting and shipping of our Baerlauch :
Our Baerlauch bulbs and plants are grown in the Hanover area. We do not harvest and store our bulbs in advance, orders are only filled with freshly dug and lightly brushed bulbs or plants. We take pride in the fact, that within two hours after harvest our merchandise is being delivered to the post office. ( Bulb orders received during the month of March and April will be shipped with the leafs attached. This way our customers have proof of a fresh product - and a tasty sample of culinary pleasures to come. )

            Your future Baerlauch harvest
One fact cannot be stated often enough and again we offer the following important advice to our customers : Go easy on the leaf harvest the first year after planting. Any plant, meant to propagate, does not like to be disturbed in order to put all its strength into seed production. That does not mean one cannot chew a few leafs while looking forward to next year's harvest.
The second year is quite a different story. There will be enough Baerlauch available and one can harvest every leaf. Except for the black, hard seeds all parts of the plant are adible. To fully take advantage of its delicious taste, Baerlauch should be eaten as fresh as possible.

° March / April ...................... harvest the young leafs complete with stems
° June / July ......................... harvest the buds, blossoms and the green, soft seeds
° September / October ...... harvest the bulbs
° October .............................. best time for Planting bulbs
English translation by " Nature boy  Peter Dumlich  Canada " (C) 2011
Familie - Devriel